August 26, 2008

'Warnings' funnier than DNC convention

By pawlitico

I stayed home to finish paw-writing while my buddy, Tilin Corgi, went off to a bake sale fundraiser for YES! on Prop 2 -- CA State ballot initiative for the Prevention of Farm Cruelty Act.

I had time to check online news from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. My reaction? I don't know. I'm past the sell-by date on the presidential campaign.

I turned from the happenings at DNC Denver to the Los Angeles Times 'cuz State politics and pawlitics is more interesting at the moment than national politics.

I ended my night at Your Scene "Strange But True Albums" -- the funny page where citizens post tons of "Weird Warnings" photos.

Poop and run for your life?

poop and run!
Cougar non sequitur

cougar non sequitur
Lethal combination!

lethal combination
No comment . . . except ouch.

balls removed
Humans have weird ways of warning one another about stuff.

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