August 3, 2008

Dog Pickles

Got cukes? My friend Genevieve does. That's why I started thinking about dog pickles. Tilin the winecountrydog picked a peck of cukes and pickled 'em. How many pickled cukes did Tilin corgi eat?

I think my corgi dog buddy pawlitico and I will chew the cukes for now and skip the pickling.

Spinning Dog Brewery UKWe dream about chasing cukes with a bit of Spinning Dog Pickles ale. 'Tis a bitter ale, said to be a lovely gold color and hoppy in flavor.

But its beyond our paw reach, as is Mutley's Revenge. The Spinning Dog Brewery and its Victory Pub are in Hereford, in the UK.

"Pickles" is still a popular dog name. A very famous Pickles was the London dog who found the World Cup trophy after it was stolen. The theft happened prior to the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England.

Pickles found the precious football trophy in a suburban garden hedge while out walking with his guardian/owner (who later collected a £6,000 reward). Pickles was invited to the celebration banquet when England won the trophy. He actually got to lick the plates clean.

Famous Pickles the London dogIn 1973, poor Pickles died in a tragic way. He choked on his own lead while chasing a cat.

I've added the story of Pickles to my list of reasons why humans should not leash us dogs by the neck. I wear a harness for walkies. My neck is where I wear my ID collar.

My neck is not where humans are supposed to attach a leash and jerk me around. I can't consult a canine chiropractor on a daily basis.

Go forth and pickle.

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Amanda said...

I am looking for a pink harness for Princess Bebe' . She is such a girlie girl!!