August 19, 2008

'Bark the Vote'

By pawlitico

Tilin Corgi and I keep saying that the canine pack is critical when it comes to pawlitics. Here's proof: A five-pound pooch named Schmitty who's taking a bite out of voter apathy!

See Schmitty the Real New Yorkie in "Political Pooch Holds News Conference":

At her website Bark the Vote, Schmitty says what we two dogs have been saying: "Just imagine if all the pet lovin' humans voted — what a kinder, friendlier place this would be." Woof!

Maybe you've seen Schmitty on TV talking about her DOGS WHO CARE foundation? She created the foundation to raise money for animals across the country who become displaced and homeless in everyday life and on account of disasters.

Schmitty makes cards, calendars, designer dog collars, and other products for pets and people to raise money fur her foundation. You can buy them at her online store.

When you order a Dogs Who Care™ Message Collar, 100% of the profit goes to a growing network of shelters and sanctuaries across the U.S. (including several on the West Coast) that are dedicated to helping displaced and homeless pets find loving homes.

Be sure to read Schmitty's platform at Bark the Vote so you'll know how she stands/sits/stays on some issues that we relate to!

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