August 2, 2008

Get out the Sopwith Camel!

By winecountrydog

Again I was awakened by monsters in the sky. As a wine country dog with sensitive ears, I strongly DISLIKE hot air balloons.

They breathe fire like dragons and hiss like giant monsters. They're worse than crackling amps. I beg dog-ma to make them stop. All I can do is bark uncontrollably.

Go hiss your burners somewhere else, you stoopid balloons that almost land on my head at eight o'clock in the morning!

Dog-ma sez I'm a dog who's "inordinately concerned with moving objects in the sky — versus on the ground, where Welsh Corgis traditionally do their herding." She thinks I'm sound-obsessed 'cuz one of my ears was damaged when I was a tiny puppy, before she rescued me.

Whatever. Hot air balloons upset me more than anything else. If I could bite their wicker baskets and pull them to the ground, I'd tear holes in their envelopes. Doggoneit.

downed hot air balloons
Snoopy the Flying Ace dislikes hot air balloons, too. He has to put up with being hissed at in his museum and airport doghouses in Sonoma County wine country. His friend Woodstock actually likes the balloons. What a silly bird.

Snoopy's Sonoma County airport logo
Snoopy, please get the Sopwith Camel out of the hangar so we can scare away the hot air balloons. We need to be ready to take off from Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport any time a balloon tries to come near our dog-n-people-houses.

The stoopid balloons had better fly higher when they're over wine country houses!

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Amanda said...

My mother-in-law was in one of those and it crashed and drug her!!! Hey be sure you check out my latest post on my blog! I think you will find it very interesting. Hint....7 newborn babies.