October 27, 2016

Halloween furright

by Jackie Nippers

Ack! Oh my furz! Runnin' off ta hide from pumpkin monstr!

But in light of day, pumpkin monstr not look so scary.

Dog life same as people life: Tis all about how you look at things. Remember ta keep monstrs and other things in pawspective.

May 27, 2016

Furget Big Pet Food! Train human carers ta make dog & cat meals!

by @winecountrydog Jackie Nippers

Howlo, dogs and cats. You been nommin' well? You know ta Big Pet Food corporations make big profits but do not use furst-rate foods in their products.

Howl bout let's leave Big Kibble in ta dust! Let's train humans to make healthy homemade meals!

Human carers are easier ta train than they pawbably look. ... You give 'em sad stare effurry time they shop for kibble 'n blechy bits. ... You sit by 'em when they're eating and ask "What makes that yours but not mine?" ... You give 'em big kisses 'n hugs effurry time they offer fresh organic veggies and 'humane' meats and cage-free eggs.

You ave noticed ta human species has opposable thumb? Iz why making pet meals iz not compawlicated. If your human can find kitchen, your human can throw good fresh noms in ta correct pet bowl. BOL . . . Fur sure Mum'd ave lot more ta say bout proper pet nutrition. But Mum not writin' this.

Simple meal: Brekkie fur myself and Meezer and Tawny Tabby waz raw pastured organic beefs and steamed veggie. Got some egg shell too. Today's veggie was non-GMO corn (wot Mumsy cut off cob and chopped a bit). Myself nommed side dish of fresh cooked organic rolled oats.

Not a grain-free K-9. Mywoofself iz furry sensitive dog . . . but NOT gluten-sensitive. My corgwyn kind ave been nommin' ta oats porridge fur hundreds 'n hundreds of years. Ourwoofselves been joined by feral cats and barn cats who nom bits of grain and produce and dairy with their mousies.

Meezer noms a bit of oats. Herself was rescue kitten who grew up nommin homemade meals. Meezer got crazy adventurous palate fur fresh foods! Also got strong abilities ta digest some fibers and veggies. Meezer LUVs her greens: Will tear door hinges off when cravin' fresh outdoor couchgrass. BOL ... But enuff about ta kitty.

What's fur suppaw?

Pawscript: Thanx woofs fur piccie to Special Staff Michele K.