September 30, 2014


Mum sez: These are Tilin Corgi's last woofs to the world. He knew that his dogbody was failing. I suggested that he say goodbye. We thought it was a good time to leave. And that, it was.

by @winecountrydog Tilin Corgi

Late Fragment

And did you get what
you wanted from this life even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

- Raymond Chandler


Distance between us
You’re no longer there
But we watch the same sunset
And breathe the same air

- Judy Dyble


Tis time for young furbro, Jackie Nippers, and Meezer to take offurr paw-writin' and tweetin' and other furriendly activities.

My ancient woofself twere hangin' round till everybuddy got da hang of dooin' walkies in this whirrled without myself. Now myself avin' to go big walkies o'er the Rainbow Bridge.

When you sometimes think of mywoofself, pawleeze remember da causes wot ave been dear to myself:

Loving furriends unconditionally;

Rescuing those who are in trouble;

Lending a helping paw and fostering;

Feeding furriends da healthful fresh whole foods;

Supporting humane treatment of "food animals";

Advocating for preventive + integrative veterinary care;

Barking loudly about animal cruelty + crimes like dogfighting;

Pawin' out info + evac shelter locations for animals + people fleeing disaster;

Visiting wineries + woofin' bout grrreat wine ('specially ones Mum really likes).

Mywoofself been furtunate to doo long good life. Almost seventeen years. Till time to say goodbye, able to doo walkies and nom like two big dogs. Always kept da trim dog figure and enjoyed da homemade raw organic meals.

Grrreat longevity and health, against all odds.

Wot a deep closeness and love myself and Mum ave been avin for so many years. Mum would not, could not (and did not) ask for more from myself than wot ourselves did ave. Twere all good, all pawfect.

Doo not be sad. OK to sulk sometimes. Prefurr you humans doo LOL. . . . Myself will listen from o'er da Bridge for echoes of your human laughter.

Mum told mywoofself to enjoy lot o' laffs o'er da Heavenly Bridge. One BOL after 'nother. You doo know myself twere preceded in death by many comedy makers. Hopin' furry much Mr Robin and Ms Joan will doo their stand-up shows nightly.

Heaven got to be da funniest gig in town. . . . See you at a show sometime?