April 28, 2009

Winetasting with Ms. Peep

by winecountrydog & pawlitico

It's terroirific when a human makes great wine. It's even better when a human like winemaker Rod Berglund explains to us dogs and our humans de-tails about his winemaking.

We visited Joseph Swan Vineyards in the Russian River Valley again recently and sniffed out some fantastic terroir. Furhaps you know that the late Mr. Swan was one of California's Pinot pioneers.

Ms. Marsha Peep accompanied us. She was touring Northern Sonoma County in search of nice tasting rooms.

Tilin Corgi & Jack Corgi with Ms. Peep at Joseph Swan
Ms. Peep enjoyed tasting the estimable wines. She likes Pinot Noir a lot.

Ms. Marsha Peep in Joseph Swan tasting room
Our dog-ma appawreciates Joseph Swan wines very very much. How can we tell? Not only did she hang around and taste and chat with Karen, but also she did the unthinkable: She asked Karen fur another taste of one of the wines.

Karen at Joseph Swan tasting room made Ms. Peep and dog-ma's day!
Dog-ma won't tell us which one, but we're betting it was the Great Oak Syrah.

Paw-note: We must mention how much we missed seein' Pappi the winery dog runnin' round. Pawleeze pay tribute to the late great Pappi by enjoyin' photos on the winery site.

April 5, 2009

Dry Creek Valley wine dog day

by winecountrydog

The fourth day of April was a super-nice spring day fur walkies in Dry Creek Valley!

This is the view from the deck at Mutt Lynch and Wilson wineries.

Dry Creek Valley looking west
We were happy to meet Sophie, a very sweet mini Schnauzer. Sophie had a tremendous view of the valley from Rachel's lap.

Sophie the beautiful mini Schnauzer
Many of us dogs were out fur the Barkus Wine & Treats event at Mutt Lynch Winery. It's a fundraiser fur Healdsburg Animal Shelter.

We wanted to walk around and greet everybuddy and eat treats. Dog-ma made a donation and we made a beeline fur some treats that had dropped on the winery floor.

I was, as usual, more outgoing than my buddy, Jack Corgi. Actually, Jack was feelin' uncharacteristically cranky. He asked if we could take him home and let him sleep it off.

I think that poor dog-ma barely got to taste the Merlot Over and Play Dead and the Chateau d'Og Cabernet Sauvignon.

me, Tilin Corgi, with Jack, at Mutt Lynch
I noticed that Patch the winery dog was interested in a big hunka green stuff. It reminded me of florist's clay — you know, the clay you put at the bottom of a vase to hold the flower stems. Is it pawsible that Patch does ikebana?

Patch, the Mutt Lynch winery dog
Paw-note: You can check the Mutt Lynch calendar of events or pawmail them to get the date fur the next Barkus event!