August 9, 2008

Music to a cat's ears

I've got cat stuff on the dogbrain 'cuz I've been dreamin' about cats.

My recent nights are restless. I keep wakin' up scratchin' an itch I can't reach. I itch 'cuz I roll in the dust every day. I'm addicted to summer rolling. Dog-ma's so annoyed she's gonna send me to doggy 12 steps.

Anyway, I dreamed I invented a cat toy. I howl a laugh at the thought. Why would I invent a cat toy? . . . My dogbrain works in funny ways.

Too bad I can't remember the dream clearly enough to make the toy. My young Ani Siamese would love to tear it apart and use the stuffing in one of her sculptures. Ani's a Neo-Synthesist artist working in sculpture and watercolor.

Artistic Ani sometimes dances with our dog-ma — who's obviously also cat-ma.

Ani discovered dancing serendipitously. She was cradled in dog-ma's right arm one evening, her paws in the palm of dog-ma's outstretched left hand. Dog-ma stood up and gently rocked Ani to the beat of a bluesy rockabilly tune. I was so surprised Ani didn't tell dog-ma she's crazy and make an escape. Nope. Ani liked it.

Who woulda thunk it? Music to a cat's ears.

Ani and dog-ma danced today to Carolyn Wonderland's "Miss Understood." Adolescent Ani identifies with the song title.

Another sound that's music to this Ani's ears is the whir of a blender. Ani does a solo dance on the counter when she hears it.

my Ani Siamese, lover of prey-model smoothies and veggies - not tomatoes actually
Dog-ma makes cat-a-licious smoothies. The combos vary. But they're always nutritious — based on a "prey model" diet, which include meat, bone, and offal in varying proportions.

Apawlogies to vegan humans, but we dogs and cats are still carnivorous.

If it were up to Ani, she'd eat raw liver by the pound, but dog-ma insists on "prey model" nutritional balance. It's great for dog-ma when she can use Primal Pet Foods raw frozen Chicken Grind 'cuz it's got bone, meat, and offal already ground up extra-fine — 3/16-inch grind — just purrfect for cat smoothies!

Sometimes dog-ma adds Ani's favorite veggies and herbs, too. I recall that Ani likes parsley.

Of course, the best cat herb is also the all-time best cat toy: The mint family herb Nepeta cataria: catnip!

cat-delicious catnip, aka catmint, plants
Catnip is a most exciting cat toy. You don't need to put it in a smoothie. Just sprinkle some nice, organic, locally-grown catnip on an old cat toy or on the floor. The whole floor will turn into a toy!

Why spend a lot of money on a cat toy that's fancier than a cat can appreciate? You humans can't beat the return on investment in catnip. Save your money for highest-quality pet foods. . . . Now, that's music to dog-ma's ears.

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