August 18, 2008

Day at a dog show

By pawlitico

I got to see some of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi friends at a Lake County Kennel Club of Northern California dog show. It was like a mini-Olympics (though not quite as dramatic as Tuvshinbayar Naidan of Mongolia winning a gold medal on August 14, 2008).

Here's my grand-dog-mom, Maryanne, wearing her Woofstock tee-shirt. This is the dog-mom of my beautiful birth mom, Cinder Corgi!

Pawlitico Jack Corgi's grand-dog-mom
This next photo is of my buddy Jeannie. She hid in the shadow of her person, Gayle, 'cuz she wasn't digging the August sun at Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Woof! A three-doggone-digit afternoon. But in spite of the heat, Jeannie went out in the ring and did her thing.

Jeannie Corgi
Here's my buddy Strider and his handler, Carol, coming out of the ring. I heard a little sigh of relief when they made it to the shade.

Strider and Carol
Now, here's Bette, my petite tricolor buddy. She thought maybe she could squeeze in between some crates and escape the heat.

Bette the tricolor Pembroke
Nope, we all had to deal with the heat for a while. (Oh howl, didn't that judge take furever?)

Bette, too, dutifully went around the ring, lookin' good like a Corgi should.

Bette the tricolor Pembroke in the ring
I wonder how the points and wins all ended up. We'll have to ask dog-ma.

I went over to the indoor rings and met a darling two-year-old Schnauzer named Stormy. She asked me how she's related to us corgis.

Stormy the Schnauzer
I told Stormy I'm no expert on canine evolution, but I'd work on an answer. That's what we corgis do well: We work on things.

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