August 28, 2008

Rescue dog wine label for 3rd Katrina anniversary

By winecountrydog

August 29, 2008, is the third anniversary of the Katrina disaster and an occasion for solemn remembrance of lives lost and lives forever changed.

It's also an occasion fur animal lovers to support rescue and groups like the Dog Lovers Wine Club, who are showcasing New Orleans rescue dog Jack (not my buddy Jack Corgi) to help raise funds. The Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans is one of Dog Lovers Wine Club's Bark Partners.

I think it's purrfect that wine sales should support pet rescue! Jack, a Chow/German Shepherd, appears on a wine label gracing a 2006 Sangiovese from Santa Barbara County, California.

Jack Chow/Shepherd, New Orleans rescue dog
In support of this effort, I offer today's PR release verbatim:
Buellton, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2008 -- Dog Lovers Wine Club commemorates the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by showcasing Jack, a rescued New Orleans puppy, in their current wine club shipment.

Dog Lovers Wine Club wines
Jack arrived at the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans in the spring of 2007 with his sister, Sasha, and a few other dogs. The group was treated for heartworms and scheduled to be sent to Maine to be adopted. Jack, a chow/shepherd mix, was fostered at Canine Connection, a doggie daycare and boarding facility. While he was there, he had a severe reaction to the heartworm treatment and nearly died.

The staff at the Magazine Street Animal Clinic saved him, and he returned to Canine Connection to be nursed back to health. All of the employees loved him, especially Jenna Matheny, who says, "Jack stole my heart the minute I saw his sad brown eyes. Whenever he would come out of his kennel to go outside, he would come and sit in front of me with his head down to be petted. He would follow me around the courtyard and would accompany me as I worked in the boarding area."

"Since Jack was too sick to be sent to Maine with his sister and the other shelter dogs, I decided that if I could find an apartment that allowed dogs, I would adopt him. As luck would have it, I found a beautiful house where Jack would be welcome, and on the very day that the other foster dogs were put on the transport truck headed to Maine, I adopted him," Jenny says.

"The SPCA warned me that his severe reaction could lead to residual heart problems and that because his heartworm treatment could not be completed, he may have a short life span. I was saddened to hear this, but I wanted to give him a good life for however long he may have left.

"As Jack adjusted to his new home, he filled out and his energy level increased. He was already housetrained when I brought him home, and has picked up 'sit,' 'shake,' and 'lie down' very quickly. He will put his paws up and beg if you tell him to 'sit pretty.' He comes to work with me at Canine Connection every day. He likes to play with the other dogs, but he really loves to lie up front and greet customers as they come in the door. I think this is mostly because everyone who comes in has to stop and pet him and tell him how handsome he is.

"Jack is now two years old and recently had his annual exam for his vaccinations. He still sees the veterinarian who saved him when he was so sick, and she gave him a clean bill of health. He is heartworm free and has no lasting damage to his heart. I am thrilled that our time together will be much longer than anyone originally thought!" says Jenny.

The Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans is one of Dog Lovers Wine Club's Bark Partners. As such, they receive donations from sales of wine and other products to support their programs. Following Katrina, LASPCA rescued hundreds of animals, reunited many with their lost families, and has since played a crucial role in disaster planning in the area with regard to animals.

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For more information, or to request video and images, pawleeze go to the club website, or call toll free 877-919-WINE.

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