August 14, 2008

Stick the bike pedals

By winecountrydog

Dog-ma loves bicycles. Dog-ma told me that her dad was a UK cycling expert back in the day. He knew about gears, panniers, and sidecars before Trek and trekkies were born.

As a dog, I could hate cyclists. But I don't even chase them. What I'm peeed off about is one human cyclist on a street by a local college — that is, one Bike Hotshot who didn't like sharing the road with our car.

Imagine what did the pedaling idiot deliberately did: He faked a left turn into a crosswalk right in front of our car.

Dog-ma had to hit the brakes. It's a good thing Jack Corgi and I were wearing doggie seatbelts.

May I interject this concept at this juncture — as Woody Allen once said so innocently, before he dropped a verbal bomb: May I suggest that the pedaling idiot stick the pedals where a pedal doesn't shine?

Howl, yes, I'm peeed off. You don't ever hear me bark like this unless somebuddy threatens my life. It's not bad enuff that I'm recovering from life-saving back surgery? Now I've got to have a pedaling idiot try to make me a vegetable?

Vegans, I'm not demeaning vegetables. You know I like It's just that, as a dog, I need slightly more mobility than a veggie has. human and her dogs
Paw-leeze, all you cool cyclists, tell fellow humans not to fake out car drivers with sudden bicycle moves. It only leads to accidents, which cause disability or death. Such a stoopid human trick it would be for a cyclist to mame or kill 'cuz of arrogance.

Dog-ma and I still think it's great to bicycle. Especially with a doggie sidecar.

bicycle and taxi sidecar
I wanna bark about nice bike tours: Tour d'Organics. It's a doggone great idea for human bicyclists to do a tour with organic venues.

tour d'organics
Local farms host the rest stops, which are well stocked with local produce and snacks. Howlingly terrierrific!

I'm an organic dog and a big Humane California farm supporter. So, I say, what could be better than Tour d'Organics? Paw-leeze check out the 2008 tours — the 4th annual. Ride first in Sebastopol, California, on August 17, and then in Portland, Orgeon, on September 6.

I can't go 'cuz I'm healing. But I hope you dogs get to go in your sidecars. Pawmail me about what a great time you have!

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