July 21, 2009

Lookin' fur Mr. Really Goode Guy

by winecountrydog

It was all over the wine twitterverse that the winner of the Murphy-Goode winery lifestyle compawtition would be announced today (21 July 2009).

Hark and bark! Dog-ma (aka chauffeur) agreed with us two social media corgis that we ought to catch up with the winner in Healdsburg. After all, we had a paw of congratulations to extend!

Our chauffeur parked the doghaus mobile behind Hotel Healdsburg.

view from parking lot behind Hotel Healdsburg
Off we ran across the foot bridge, past Bear Republic, takin' the long way 'round via Healdsburg Avenue.

We came to an abrupt halt and stared intensely at the human before us. Oh good grief, that human there is an impawstor. He isn't Mr. Really Goode Guy!

we two corgis on Healdsburg Ave. just above Matheson St.
We went 'round the corner and did a sit-stay across from the Murphy-Goode tasting room on Matheson Street. We had to paw over the situation. We knew we could sniff out Mr. Really Goode Guy if we used our dogheads.

Murphy-Goode tasting room, Healdsburg, California
Oh boy, that's a fancy new tasting room in an arfully fancy wine country town.

Howl, look! There's somebuddy who magically appaweared in front of the tasting room....

Hardy Wallace - copyright 21 Jul 09 by dog-ma
It's him! It's Mr. Really Goode Guy Hardy Wallace — aka @goodetobefirst and @dirtysouthwine. High paw! Congratulations, Really Goode Hardy!

Howl exciting that a really nice guy won. We sure doo like this fine Southern sommelier whom we 'spected would become the really goode job guy.

I hope we'll see a lot of Really Goode Hardy in the future. That is, if we can get close to him. If he carries wine rations like that around with him, he'll have a dogzillion friends. The only way we'll ever find him again is if we doo the lowdown corgi crawl through the crowd's legs.

July 6, 2009

Fireworks, strange & dangerous

by pawlitico

The thought "howl strange and dangerous are fireworks!" keeps swimmin' round my doghead.

Never met a dog or any other four-footed who likes fireworks. Never asked other furriends, but I 'spoze birds and bees and bugs and others dislike noisy explosions too.

Yet all the nation's a stage fur fireworks on a July 4th evening. Howl, what are fireworks: the humans' tribute to freedom, or a cathartic release of pent-up human anger? Imagine if other species lit colored fires and made explosions. Humans would think we're out of touch with Nature, to woof the least.

Consider the iconic pic below.

little Yorkie dog dragged along 4th of July parade route
The little Yorkshire Terrier is being made to ride in a wee wagon, towed behind a huge human on a terrifyingly large tractor. Howl small and vulnerable this dog is! Not just physically small — also small in terms of what's impawtant to many American humans on July 4th....

Just think 'bout howl this Yorkie dog must feel! Could humans make sure all dogs — and cats! — are somewhere safe on the big noisy holiday?

Pawleeze, American humans everywhere, look out fur animals' needs come the next 4th of July. It'd be wonderful if the emergency veterinary clinics and animal shelters didn't fill up every year after the fireworks explosions.