September 24, 2011

"Fine, be that way!" ... the LOL cats

by winecountrydog Tilin

Doo you know the LOLcats? Methinks tis time to share our pawculiar habit of hangin with these kittehs. Ourwoofselves have been fans fur a long time.

And guess wot. Mum is big fan of the LOLcat and does often doo LOLspeak with em. ... Meezer, not so much. Meezer is pawoccupied in the kitchen and in er sculptin studio.

When we doo need laffs, we doo BOL at da LOL piccies. Like this one:

"I said 'What's your name?' ... Fine! Be that way!"

Now here are a pair of LOLhedgehogs. Look at wot they are telling teh comfy sleeping kitteh:

If you did not LOL or BOL, howl, fine, be that way. You are missin da good meme. Methinks your laffer needs tuneup.

Pawleeze, get a laff. Go check out the LOLcats at

Paw-note: We doo miss our twitter pal @perrythebirman. That Birman Bond is the best at LOLspeak, but himself furry bizzy and not tweetin enuff. Sigh.