July 24, 2008

'Vote Yes on Prop 2' House Parties

By pawlitico

You probably heard that I turned 21 in dog years on July 23? Now I can go out with the human party animals. But what I'm really into is finding all the HUMANE party animals.

Such good timing: On July 27, Humane California supporters from around the state will host or attend their local "Vote Yes on Prop 2" House Parties — a fundraising event for the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, a November 2008 ballot initiative in California.

You can sign up to attend a party near you even if you don't have big bucks. Just show your face to support the initiative and the House Party hosts and to network! It's so easy to sign up. Go to HumaneCalifornia.org and click the link Find a party near you.

If you don't get to a party, you can still help support the initiative by making a small online donation, volunteering to distribute campaign materials, and networking on MySpace and Twitter.

As the Humane California people say, "It is cruel and inhumane to confine animals in cages so small they can’t turn around or stretch their limbs. All animals deserve humane treatment, including those raised for food. Vote YES on Prop 2 to protect animals from unacceptable abuse."

I can't imagine living all my dog years confined in a tiny cage! The thought of it freaks me out. I'd rather be euthanized. . . .

Paw note (from pawlitico): Re. "dog years," some humans say that one human year is equivalent to seven dog years. Other humans say that, for every calendar year, a dog ages between five and eight years. I wonder what humans say about how many "animal years" a confined animal ages in one calendar year.

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