July 21, 2008

Moxie dog goes to permanent home

Moxie left her Petaluma foster parents yesterday and went to her permanent home . . . back to her foster dog-mom and dog-dad!

I thought I wouldn't get to see Moxie anymore. Oh howl, I'd miss my little cherie amour. I have a crush on her. Some people call it puppy love, but I quickly point out that we're both adult dogs.

Moxie's dog-mom "Weeza" and dog-dad Bob are very special rock stars for dogs. They're always taking care of at least a handful of small dogs, and they help them with difficult veterinary problems.

Here Weeza was holding Moxie and trying to help me stand up. I get off-balance since my back surgery. (That's why I've got the reverse mohawk hair style.)

Weeza — her real name is Louisa — found Moxie a veterinarian to remove Moxie's mammary tumors. She'd been told that Moxie had cancer and would die, but she didn't believe them. It turned out that Louisa was right, of course.

Louisa is right about a lot of things — like the fact that therapeutic assisted swimming, also known as canine water therapy and as hydrotherapy, is great for dogs in recovery. She completed intensive training a La Paw Spa Canine Water Therapy and currently does spa-based sessions.

Dog-ma and I are looking forward to Louisa setting up more pool services and all kinds of doggie things soon. Right now, though, if you're a dog who's had leg, knee, hip, or other surgery and needs water therapy, talk to your veterinarian about therapy recommendations. Please send your inquiries about Louisa's services via her email address: louisa [at] caninewatertherapy.com.


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