July 11, 2008

Fetching hairstyle

Many humans find my reverse mohawk fetching. To name two, there's Kyrana, a vet tech at Coddingtown Veterinary Clinic, and Jill, the hair stylist at Kids Cuts in Rohnert Park. Then there are the people who stare at me funny when I'm out walking. They've never seen a dog with his back shaved?

my reverse mohawk hairstyleWhen the temperature hits triple-digits, dogs and humans alike look enviously at me.

My rev mo is THE cool cut for hot wine country summer — an instant classic that should be in every trendsetting groomer's repertoire. You don't have to remove as much hair as I had to for my back surgery though.

If you're spending a lot of time outdoors looking cool, be safe and use pet sunblock. Yes, you dogs need sunscreen to protect sensitive skin if you're going to be out in the sun jogging, playing, sailing, and stuff. Just don't tell me you're stuck in the sun 'cuz you're riding in the back of a pickup!

The Mohawk hairstyle comes from the practice by long-haired Mohawk Nation warriors of cutting their hair when they went off to war. They left just a narrow strip about three-fingers' wide down the middle of the scalp from their forehead to the nape of their neck.

There are many mohawk spinoffs, like the fauxhawk. You humans can ask for mo spins at a salon like Hairdoo Voodoo in the Lower Haight, San Francisco. This salon gets top paw on Yelp. I want to go see Margaret, the owner, 'cuz they say she's "a genius and goddess of all things follicle."

I wish the health laws didn't keep me from having my rev mo edginess redone in a people place.

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