July 12, 2008

Mama cat adopts panda cub

This is the ahhh and awe animal rescue story of the year. An Amsterdam zookeeper's tabby cat has adopted a Red Panda cub. Tabby is letting the baby panda nurse alongside her own four kittens. The cub and her sibling, who didn't make it, were rejected by their mother. The surviving cub is still smaller than the kittens, who were born three days before her.

mama tabby cat and panda cubWhen little panda grows up, she will be slightly larger than a domestic cat, but will have a mostly herbivorous diet, consisting mainly of bamboo. Her species, also known as the Firefox, is native to Southeast Asia and is endangered. Unlike the Giant Panda, she is not a bear.

She will have a long, striped tail like a raccoon and a beautiful reddish coat. She will not be a very vocal animal, aside from some whistling and twittering sounds. If she were not an Amsterdam Artis Zoo panda, she would live in a wild territory, probably alone, and become a skillful acrobat dwelling in trees.

I hope little panda will not find herself having an identity crisis because she's being brought up as a Felis catus. To make matters more confusing, people might identify her with a popular Web browser (Firefox), or with a social networking service (twitter).

the two Red Panda cubs
mama cat with panda and kitten

Purrsonally, I think a baby panda is very cute.