July 3, 2008

Ozzy dog's life saved

by winecountrydog

Ozzy corgi wasn't quite 9 months old when he broke his leg — playing ball on the stairs, said his Wichita, Kansas, guardian/owners to the vet.

Adorable Ozzy came close to not being in Kansas anymore.

Ozzy's rescue mum tells us: "Ozzy [had been] brought in to a vet clinic with a badly broken front leg. His owners were unable to afford the surgery necessary to help him so opted to euthanize. Thanks to two caring vet techs who were able to convince the owners to sign over custody, Ozzy's life was spared. They contacted me and I agreed to help out. He has now had his surgery which was successful. We are on the long road to recovery of 3 to 6 weeks of cage rest. . . ."

Fast forward several weeks: "X-rays showed that the surgical pins are doing their job and the leg is mending. Ozzy gets to have short, calm walks on leash several times a day. . . . He has also started hydro-therapy and is quite a good swimmer and it wears him out. He feels great and would like to run and play but is still not allowed. He will go in for another set of x-rays in three more weeks and if he continues to progress as he has then he can resume normal activity at that time."

Ozzy Pembroke Welsh corgiSuch an adorable Pembroke Welsh corgi is Ozzy!

Fast forward again: Ozzy's rescue mum says, "Ozzy is thrilled to be able to romp and play with the other corgis and my lab. He is a very busy pup with six weeks of sitting in a cage to make up for. He is a great ball fetcher and brings it right back and drops it for you to throw again. He still enjoys swimming and today had a swim in the creek in the neighborhood. . . . He will be ready for a forever home soon."

Big thanks WOOFS to Ozzy's kind rescue mum and to CorgiAid for helping with expenses! I'm one dog who really understands Ozzy's experiences. I was rescued as a puppy through a Bay Area corgi rescue group. And I too needed emergency surgery. Like so many companion animals . . . .

Please check out these websites:
* ForPaws Corgi and Corgi Mix Rescue ~ www.forpaws.org/ ~ A small rescue organization whose adoptable dogs are located mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area. ForPaws will place Ozzy in his forever home.
* CorgiAid ~ www.corgiaid.org/ ~ A small volunteer-run operation that, through donations, is able to provide financial assistance for rescuers of Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis and corgi mixes.
* CorgiAid Cart Program ~ www.corgiaid.org/cart/ ~ Run by Bobbie Mayer, one of CorgiAid's many wonderful people here in California.
* Welsh Pembroke Corgi Rescue ~ www.pembrokecorgirescue.com/ ~ Run by dedicated CorgiAid person Millie Williams.

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