July 30, 2008

Practice the rule of fair prey!

By winecountrydog and pawlitico

It's great that Humane California is building a big ark of animal-protection supporters for the 'Yes on Prop 2' initiative. We see names of new supporters all the time.

Vote Yes on California Prop 2
Proposition 2 is the November 2008 ballot initiative for the Prevention of Farm Cruelty Act. The Act will phase out cruel and inhumane factory farming practices in California.

Hey, not that Californians practice more inhumane-ity than anybuddy else, but this is where we live and eat — and where we must have an ethical food supply.

Can you imagine how many pigs, calves, and hens around the globe have to spend their lives in tiny cages, where they can't turn around or stretch their limbs? Even one would be one too many. As dogs, we're freaked out at the very thought of being caged up all our lives.

We and our dog and cat buddies will not eat any "food animal" who didn't live a good life of freedom. We're not only healthier: We digest a lot better knowing that we practice the rule of fair prey!

Humans who raise animals for food should stop unfair practices without being asked to by the government. But it seems that not all humans volunteer to be nice.

Many veterinarians are nice Prop 2 supporters. We're happy that one of our purrsonal vets, Jona Sun Jordan, DVM, is among them. Another pro-Prop 2 vet is Eric Barchas, DVM (who writes Dogster & Catster Vetblog). Paw-leeze ask your veterinarians about their Prop 2 support.

We're also happy when mayors endorse Prop 2. In northern California, we see these mayors who are pro-Prop 2: Sebastopol Mayor Craig Litwin, Novato Mayor Pat Eklund, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo.

Mayor Fargo (seen in photo with Sac SPCA director behind her) was spotted at a 'Yes on Prop 2' event sponsored by the Sacramento SPCA and Sacramento for Humane Farms, held July 27 at the Sacramento SPCA on Florin-Perkins Road.

Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo at Sac SPCADale Howard, campaign manager for Mayor Fargo, attended the event with the Mayor.

Mr. Howard tells us that Mayor Fargo is a longtime supporter of animal welfare issues and also cat-ma to a handful of happy cats. He adds, "The Mayor will be very active in supporting the measure as it moves forward. Animal issues are kind of a favorite subject. . . . The Mayor and I almost left the SPCA event with a carload of animals."

Wow. Animal shelters should host more events at the shelters, then the humans who could would take the shelter animals home with them.

Atlas the Labrador is another 'Yes on Prop 2' supporter. He wonders What kind of human wouldn't vote in favor of Proposition 2?

Atlas the 'pro-Prop 2' Labrador
Photo credits: Dale Howard (Atlas's 'pro-Prop 2' human)

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