July 9, 2008

Best vet surgeon

I just went to my third post-op checkup with surgeon Russ Gurevitch, DVM. I actually get excited just thinking about going to Petaluma to see Dr. Gurevitch. And everybody else in the clinic, too. They're so nice to me.me with Dr. Gurevitch
Dr. Gurevitch asked me to walk around outside while he observed my gait and how my back is healing. He also checked my leg reflexes. He's pleased with my progress and says that I will improve even more. Dog-ma is beyond relieved.

I met a big nice dog in Dr. G's waiting room who's had three of her legs operated on for cruciate ligament repairs and ATT (anterior tibial translation) and I'm not sure what else. She's doing just great. We were so excited talk to each other we forgot to exchange names.

Tilin's staplesLast time I went to see Dr. G, he had to remove surgical staples from the 9-inch incision in my back (which you can see in the photo). I was a big chicken at first and didn't believe dog-ma when she said "This won't hurt!" Well, I said "I'll bite first and listen later."

I get a treatLuckily, Dr. G has a way of communicating. He just wins me over, even without the milkbones he gives me.

I always end up sitting quietly 'cuz Dr. G's so doggone understanding and persuasive. He's not only the best orthopedic veterinary surgeon in the North Bay, he's also a dog whisperer!

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