July 23, 2008

Pawlitico dog's birthday

by winecountrydog

Today is the birthday of pawlitico! That's the nom de paw of my corgi buddy and fellow winecountrydog ezine™ author, Jackie.

As I was preparing to wish Jackie a happy 3rd birthday, I realized it's been a long time since I've wished a dog or cat a happy day on an actual birthday. Why? 'Cuz most of my four-footed friends are rescue animals.

I don't know when my own birthday is. It has always been estimated as mid-November. I and my sister were "Christmas puppy" presents to a woman who couldn't keep us. Dog-ma sez I was too young to be taken away from my birth-mum 'cuz I looked only six weeks old when she brought me home at New Year's '98.

My Siamese kitten's August birthday is estimated, too. Dog-ma found Ani Siamese at a feed store, where they had her up for adoption from the Sonoma County Animal Shelter.

My last two beloved cats, both departed now, were rescue cats. My late Siamese cat had been but a young kitten when dog-ma rescued her in '88. The kitten's whiskers were all burnt off, and some kids were trying to sell her in front of a downtown newstand for whatever amount someone would give them. My late, great Francis Topcat was rescued by dog-ma in '95 just in time to save him from death due to exposure and dehydration. Dog-ma named him "Francis" 'cuz she found him near a statue of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals.

If I asked dog-ma, she could give me a long list of beloved dogs and cats with no known birthdays. In of itself, this is no big deal, of course. But it serves to remind me of what a hard life many dogs and cats have.

Maybe the fact that Jackie knows his birthday — and can visit his mum and other family anytime he wants — makes him feel that he should help others less fortunate. Whatever his motivation, I'm happy to see Jackie coming out of his shell as a pawlitical dog who takes a stand for compassionate treatment of animals.

We're pooped after partying. . . .

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Ani said...

happy birthday, jackie! i hope to have lots of fun with you in the years to come. you're a sweetheart. xxoo much love from your siamese.