July 26, 2008

Local Redwood Hill Goats Make Good

I've got goats on my mind 'cuz July–August is Sonoma County Fair time. The goats from Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery in Sebastopol, California, show off their bah-eauty and charm every year at the fair.

Redwood Hill Alpine doe Jambalya was the 2007 ADGA Alpine National Champion! You can see her here with Jennifer Bice, the wonderful human in charge at Redwood Hill.

Jennifer Bice with ADGA champion doe JambalayaRedwood Hill makes lusicous, gourmet goat milk yogurt and kefir as well several kinds of delicious artisan cheese.

My dog-ma and I visited Redwood Hill and met some goats and the humans who work with them. Dog-ma went on the creamery tour while I took a nap.

Goats and dogs don't go on the creamery tour 'cuz we'd shed hair all over the place — which is beautifully clean, dog-ma sez. I did get to meet Jennifer Bice. She's very nice, as is her sister, Sharon Bice. Everybuddy there is nice. Dog-ma sez they take time to answer all your questions when you take a tour.

We also got to go to their Certified Humane dairy farm. (We'd found the tour schedule at Sonoma County Farm Trails.) Dog-ma ewed and ahhed over the sweet and happy goats while I went nutz over the earthy smells. My nose kept me so busy that I didn't even notice I was waiting for dog-ma. I must've counted about 300 goats of the breeds Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, and Saanen!

Last summer, the goats were entertained by The Ditty Bops — a Western swing, ragtime, gypsy-jazz duo band from LA. Their performance got YouTubed.

Abby of The Ditty Bops introduced the band as she got ready to play "Wishful Thinking" outside the barn. She said: "We're here at Redwood Hill Farm with Trinity and her lovely group of goats. . . . We would really appreciate if you could, uh, limit your consumption of our garments till after the song."

The Ditty Bops also performed inside the big barn. In the following "Walk or Ride" vlog, two goats showed Amanda their interest in joining the band:

I really like Redwood Hill goat milk yogurt. As a dog, I don't eat dairy often, but my Ani Siamese adores the plain yogurt and has a spoonful frequently.

My dog-ma is understandably addicted to the artisan goat cheese and is furever reconsidering which is her favorite. Lately it's Camellia, their award-winning Camembert-style goat cheese. It's so soft, buttery, and delicious.

Humans are 'spozed to enjoy this wonderful cheese at room temperature, paired with sparkling wine, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Noir. But dog-ma's so crazy about Camellia that she often lacks the patience to pair it with anything.

For a dog like me, it wouldn't be too déclassé to lick good goat cheese off my paw, but I thought you humans avoided this practice.

Photo credits: RH Farm

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