July 14, 2008

Petaluma Sirius with LaLoo

Have you tried Lagunitas Sirius Ale with LaLoo's Deep Chocolate goat's milk ice cream? . . . No? Then you must've missed the Petaluma Art & Garden Festival.

Baxter and DoloresThe 2008 annual event in PETaluma was held on July 13th.

Big dog Baxter was there having a good time with Dolores.

Max and dog momMax was there.

His dog-mom was nice enough to carry his water bowl for him.

Sadie and Dad AaronSadie, posing here with her dad, Aaron, was so comfy in her stroller.

If my dog-ma had a stroller for me like this — one with a big bonnet to keep the sun out of my eyes — I could've gone all over the place!

Maggie May and AvaSee how blissed out Maggie May gets when her dog-mom, Ava, holds her.

Big dog at Lagunitas tableBig dog (above) met big beer . . . and who knows what else.
Baxter and lovely daschundBaxter met a beautiful little long-haired daschund (above). I understand why he really likes her.
Maggie May meeting MaxMaggie May met Max (in photo above). . . . a match made in downtown PETaluma.
Caitlin, Mary Ryan, Amelia, AliceDog-ma sez Caitlin, Mary Ryan, Amelia, and mom Alice (in photo above) are a study in design contrasts: paisley, polka dot, solid, and floral.

The whole afternoon at this "no pets" event was dogalicious. You might've missed it, but you don't have to wait till next year to try the local food at Tres Hombres, Pazzo, and other great places in PETaluma. You dogs can't have a table at most of them 'cuz they don't have outdoor seating, but you can ask your guardian/owners to get you a doggie bag.

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