October 31, 2008

Best Halloween costume

by winecountrydog

I hope all you four-legged and two-legged and finned and scaley creatures got your spook on tonight.

I saw a few great Halloween costumes. The best costume was one I pawed upon when I was doggoogling.

I call it the pugator.

The Pugator -- Pug Dog in gator costume
Like Pugs aren't cute enuff without costumes.

I've known a few Pug Dogs. I really liked meeting Toaster, the Pug who accompanies wine country artist Mylette Welch. Ms. Welch does great paintings of Toaster and other dogs.

Me and My Monkey by Mylette Welch
Toaster has a new Pug buddy named Lola. Sweet Lola came from Pug Rescue of Sacramento.

Did everybuddy get lots of nice treats today? I know I did. Halloween is fun. Woof!

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