November 2, 2008

Wolfgang Puck on Prop 2 & humane farming

by pawlitico

You pawbably know celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck as the Los Angeles-based restaureteur, businessman, and owner of Spago Beverly Hills -- where Puck put Cal-Pan-Asian fusion on the world food map.

Back in 2007, when I was a young, carefree corgi, I wasn't following the news the day Chef Puck said he was rejecting the use of crated veal and foie gras. He then announced he was going to use eggs, meat, and poultry only from animals raised under strict humane care standards.

The other day, I pawed across a Humane California video in which Chef Puck told the world about this humane commitment. He also urged Californians to vote for Prop 2 -- the State ballot initiative to set humane standards for confining farm animals.

When a successful businessperson with a company the size of Wolfgang Puck Companies -- which includes 15 fine-dining places for humans, fancy catering services, express-food operations, canned foods, and much more -- announces he's limiting meat, poultry, and egg buying to only humanely-farmed sources, you've got to sit-stay and listen!

Chef Puck's humane pawsition negates doomsdayers' fears that implementing State Proposition 2 standards will put California farmers out of business. What his decision tells us is that huge consumer demand for humane food products is in the wings.

A word to the paw-wise: Farmers and food purveyors had better get ready now to supply humanely-farmed foods!

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