October 29, 2008

Brave Leo the terrier saves litter of kittens

by winecountrydog

I'm hopin' that Leo, the brave terrier and hero dog, is feelin' okay now. Leo risked his life to protect four tiny, newborn kittens trapped in a fire that almost destroyed his family's house in in Melbourne, Australia. I so admire Leo's loyalty and courage.

I watched the interviews with firefighters who uncovered Leo when they went inside to fight the blaze.

Fortunately, the family of four humans and Barney, their other dog, had managed to escape.

But Leo stayed behind. By the time firefighters found Leo in a bedroom, guarding the kittens in a cardboard box, he was unconscious from lack of oxygen.

Commander Ken Brown of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade said, "Barney, the older dog, came out with the family, but Leo wouldn't leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life. But luckily the fire fighters found him very early, applied oxygen, and got Leo back around. And we've had him checked out and he's got a clean bill of health. He looks really well."

The firefighters had to rush Leo to safety and revive him with heart massage and oxygen till he came 'round. Woof thanks to the wonderful firefighters!

Leo was said to be recovering well from his ordeal. I sure hope so. He is rightfully being hailed as a hero.

Leo is a Jack Russell Terrier cross. As a Welsh Corgi, I've always liked Jack Russells and Jack Russell crosses. The breed was originally developed back in 19th century England by a clergyman named Jack Russell, and they are good at hunting small game. Other talents of the Jack Russells include tracking, agility, and performing tricks.

These wonderful dogs make really fun, feisty, high-energy furriends! And lots of them need to be rescued.

Pawnote: Humans, paw-leeze make sure your smoke detectors are working! And make evacuation plans that include your dogs and other pets!

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