October 20, 2008

'Humane Dog' not waiting fur the world to change!

by winecountrydog

I was out this past weekend puttin' paws up for the humane treatment of farm animals. I, Tilin Corgi, was hangin' out with Jack Corgi and one of our dog buddies, in Petaluma — northern California's once-upon-a-time egg capital, still strong in egg and dairy farming.

Tilin Corgi, Jack Corgi, and friend at PET Out the Vote in Petaluma, CaliforniaHere are some of my other cool buddies at PET Out the Vote for YES! on Prop 2 in Petaluma.

Friends on Petaluma Blvd. at PET Out the VoteOn Sunday, I went to Sebastopol. Dog-ma and I walked around outside the wonderful farmers' market in the heart of town.

Farmers' market in Sebastopol, West Sonoma County, California
Walking back past Brown St., I spotted the message "PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THIS DOOR." I took this as a metaphor for my humane campaign.

Sign on roll-up door: Please do not block this door
Pawleeze don't block the door to the humane future 'cuz we need to change!

Here's my open paw-letter explaining my humane pawsition.
I'm an 11-year-old Corgi who had a history of spinal disc pawblems. Last year, my holistic veterinarian got me to change my diet. I and my pet buddies started eating fresh organic animal, egg, and dairy protein from ONLY humanely-treated farm animals. Geez, good riddance to kibble and horrible factory-farmed food.

Long story short: The tremendous increase in my strength and vitality literally saved my life when I later needed emergency surgery!

How did this amazing experience change my family? Not hard fur you to guess! It raised our food-consumer consciousness to the max.

Out of gratitude for my life being saved, I started paw-writing about different stuff. Then I got involved in helping to pass California Proposition 2, the ballot initiative for setting standards for confining farm animals.

Can you imagine my going back to eating the flesh of animals or the eggs of hens who've suffered unnatural lives in tiny indoor cages? Oh howl, how ungrateful would I have to be to continue to stay on the old petfood animal-torture trail?

But this dialog about humane eating habits doesn't end at the polls in November 2008. As a dog, a companion animal, I'm not vegetarian or vegan. I've got to continue to have humanely-farmed animal-protein sources for myself and my furry friends.

My dog-ma and I hold a vision of the future. It's a future in which pets join humans as humane consumers. And it's a future in which consumers support humane farmers in their region. Everywhere in the world, we all need our regional humane farm economies to be strong.

Change starts with consumers refusing to buy or eat inhumanely-farmed poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy products!
Tilin Corgi sez pawleeze don't block humane change!
I'm not waitin' fur the world to change. I'm going forth as Humane Dog.

Pawnote: Woof thanks to everybuddy who came out to PETaluma to put paws up fur YES on Prop 2! And woof thanks to Katie at KRSH.com fur being a super-compassionate purrson.

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