October 6, 2008

The first 'YES on Prop 2' TV ad

by pawlitico

I watched the first TV advertisement for California Proposition 2, which is about the treatment of farm animals. This TV ad launched just today.

As a humane dog, I cringed as I watched. I think humans might have a similar reaction. This ad contains graphic images of inhumanely treated animals.

I heard that the results of a recent poll show Californians favor the passage of Proposition 2. The poll sez voters are 72 to 10 percent in favor of Prop 2. The article about the poll is at California Progress Report.

I sure hope humans are making progress.

Pawnote: I'm worrying that the TV ad is too graphic and shocking. I mean, it's gruesome! But dog-ma and Tilin Corgi said maybe we better show it so humans know what's going on. Oh howl, I hope this was the right decision.

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