October 25, 2008

Our Siamese cat's latest mischief

by Jackie Nippers aka pawlitico

"What's that you're chewing on, Ani?" demanded my dog-ma. Our Ani Siamese continued chomping away.

Ani Siamese enjoyed chomping on the earbuds.
"Hey, those are my new Sony earbuds you just destroyed!" exclaimed dog-ma. "Good thing they were really cheap ones."

Ani Siamese thought the earbuds were Halloween treats left on the kitchen counter just for her.
Ani Siamese pretended to ignore dog-ma. "Oh, what a fun Halloween treat!" said Ani. "Let me bat the thing again!"

Ani really enjoyed the earbud game.
Ferocious Siamese kitty that Ani is, she decided to have another go at it.

"I can bite it too!" Ani purred.

Ani gave the earbuds her most ferocious bite!
Do kitties get bored easily? Ani finished chewing the earbuds awfully fast. Then she got distracted.

Ani got bored chewing the earbuds and was distracted by something else.
Later, Ani told me that dog-ma was awfully nice about her Halloween mischief.

Ani Siamese talks to Jack Corgi
I reminded Ani that we're lucky to have a furever home with someone who loves us unconditionally.

Paw-note: I'm pawing in fur Tilin Corgi, who's down and out with awful back muscle spasms again. We hope he gets well soon! We sure don't want him to miss trick-or-treatin' at Occidental Harvest Market Festival on Halloween.

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