October 18, 2008

Corgi love: my buddy Emma

by winecountrydog

I've got a beautiful new Welsh Corgi friend!

Beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi Emma Marie
Her name is Emma Marie. She lives in Ojai, California, and she's such a love.

Emma Marie CorgiEmma paw-wrote me a purrfectly wonderful letter after I asked her to tell me some impawtant things about herself.

Dear Tilin: Thank you for expressing so much interest in ME.

I was found wandering the streets in Tulare, California and brought to a high-kill shelter. Luckily, a kind group of humans came in and rescued me and a bunch of other down-on-their-luck dogs and brought us down to a nice rescue group in Fillmore. It sure was hot there. Being Welsh and double-coated (as are you), it was a little uncomfortable, but I was so grateful to be out of that nasty shelter, it almost felt like a doggy spa.

Anyway, one day a chubby red-haired female human came to shelter and took a liking for me (how could she not?). The next day she returned and took me home with her. I was a bit dismayed to see that I would have to share my new home with three felines, since I really prefer to get all the attention within a 5-mile radius, but after a while I realized they aren't THAT bad. I have attached a photo of the three of them to illustrate this story. I quickly discovered they do not like to be herded. Bummer.

My human used to be a filmmaker and wanted to make a film about me and my boyfriend, a handsome Pit Bull named Sailor Bill. But then my human stopped hanging out with Bill's human, so that project was abandoned. Too bad. . . . I would have loved to share my amazing brains and beauty with the world.

I am very smart (I figure you must be too, since you're a Corgi) and need lots of exercise. I hate it when my human goes to work, but she says she has to do it to earn money to buy all of my food and organic dog treats so I guess it just has to be done. My human's dream is to one day have an animal sanctuary and I'm very excited about helping her run the place.

There is so much more to tell you, Tilin, and of course, I want to hear more about your life. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and to roam through the vineyards sharing your Corgi-ness with the world. ~ Until later, much love, Emma Marie.
Now, here's a photo of Emma's cats — who're nicely colored coordinated with her Corgi-ness!

Emma Corgi's three cats
Here's Emma waiting expectantly fur a treat from her human.

Emma Corgi waits expectantly for her human to give her a treat.Sometimes Emma's out putting paws up fur YES! on Prop 2. Here we see her relaxin' and hangin' out in her garden, chewin' on a treat.

Corgi Emma chews her treat in garden
Emma's lucky. She has a furever home with a human who's smart enough to recognize what a magnificent Pembroke Welsh Corgi she is!

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