November 27, 2008

Woof thanks

by pawlitico

Here in our wine country doghaus, it's Thanksgiving eve — time fur me to put paws up in woof thanks and gratitude.

First, I give thanks that Tilin Corgi, my best buddy in the whole world, made it through all his ordeals this past year. I don't know what I would do without his dog-mentorship.

Tilin, you're really top paw!

Tilin winecountrydog Corgi
Second, I give thanks that our Ani Siamese is part of our lives. In early December, it'll be a year that she has been with us. Our little pussin sure has grown up! She still likes to ambush me, but that's okay. I have fun ambushin' her back.

Ani Siamese
Third, I give thanks that dog-ma made us a nice dinner of free-range chicken and vegan treats fur dessert. Actually, she always makes us a dogalicious dinner. But today was special 'cuz we took turns barkin' and meowin' about what we're thankful fur.

We feel blessed to have full stomachs and to be safe and warm at home together. Pawleeze remember that there are lots of rescue corgis and cats who need homes.

It'd be arfully nice fur everybuddy to have a furever home, or to at least have sanctuary in a place like Happy Tails, in Sacramento, California.

As Daisy the pussin says,
"No-kill, cage-free sanctuaries are few and far between, but more and more shelters are converting to no-kill. Our hope is one day ALL shelters will be no-kill and cage-free. Or better yet, maybe one day we won't have the need for animal shelters. *sigh*"

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