November 9, 2008

Dog and cat furever love

by winecountrydog

I always tell Ani Siamese, my young shelter rescue, how much I appreciate her company. Here you see Ani sitting with me last week when my back wasn't feelin' great 'cuz of my surgery adhesions.

Me, Tilin winecountrydog Corgi, sitting with my Ani Siamese cat
Ani Siamese just loves me. She loves Jack Corgi, too, but she seems happiest when she's sleeping next to me — especially at night.

Me, Tilin Corgi, and my Ani Siamese sleeping together
Whoever said that dogs and cats don't get along never knew Welsh Corgis or Siamese cats well. Humans who believe in the animosity myth must like to keep it goin' to have somethin' to talk about.

My Siamese so enjoys being with us dogs that she often follows us and mimics our behavior. Ani does everything but bark.

Ani will learn to bark soon, we think. She's still purrfectin' her vocalizations. As the ASPCA explains, "By changing volume, intensity and number of repetitions of the vocalizations, and backing them up with expressive body language and olfactory signaling, cats ensure their messages are received and that their needs are met."

In our next photo, you see Ani scratching her head with her left hind foot. Believe it or not, Ani lifted her foot up to scratch as soon as she saw me lift mine!

My Ani Siamese scratching her head to imitate me, Tilin Corgi
After dog-ma turned off the light, Ani and I went back to sleep together. Snug as two furry bugs in rug. A furever love. Woof!

Paw-note: I hope every dog who loves meezers will consider rescuing a Siamese like mine.

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