March 19, 2009

@twitchhiker in wine country

by winecountrydog

A beautiful day yesterday atop the hills in Sonoma Valley wine country.

special hill with a name you'll have to ask Jeff Kunde about
I was at dog-friendly Kunde Family Estate with @twitchhiker – aka Paul Smith. Here you see him taking a pic for twitpic.

twitchhiker taking a pic of the hill
Standing right in the middle of Kunde's Magnolia Lane Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, sommelier Chris Sawyer explains how humans open screw caps by magic. Winemaker Jeff Kunde looks on knowingly, holding a bottle of same.

Chris Sawyer showing screw cap bottle-opening trick
Next, twitchhiker does the screw cap bottle-opening trick brilliantly! Anastasia Schuster, aka @AccessInspirati, watches carefully. I bet she can now do the trick too!

twitchhiker doing screw cap opening trick as Anastasia watches
Does it make sense fur humans to drink right from the bottle? Below, sommelier Sawyer's obviously in favor of using a glass fur tastin' the next wine. Jeff Kunde pours his '05 Reserve Century Vines Zinfandel.

Jeff Kunde pours. Chris Sawyer cheers.
Humans look so yappy when winetasting. Makes me wish we dogs drank wine.

Twitchhiker apparently enjoys the old vine Zinfandel.

twitchhiker tasting Kunde old vine Zin
Having finished his Zin, twitchhiker takes a break to twitter.

Howl, just imagine: Paul's the first human to travel the globe by the good graces of twitterers!

twitchhiker twittering at a Kunde picnic table. behind him is the California Wine Tours van.
Twitchhiker looks cool in his new Kunde vest, below. He's the nicest human, really, and he's raising funds for safe drinking water in schools in developing nations.

me, @winecountrydog Tilin Corgi, and @twitchhiker Paul Smith
You can follow @twitchhiker on twitter. Pawleeze read his blog to learn about twitchhiking and helping charity: water.

Paw-note: I'll be goin' back to Kunde 'cuz it's a super dog-friendly winery. Check out their dog hikes and eco-hikes!


marcia said...

Twitchhiker was a great guest to tour and taste wines with! Hopefully Tilin and Jack can make it to our next sustainable dog hike! Then they will be true WineCounty Corgis!!! Check out for upcoming dates.

Marcia Kunde Mickelson
4th Generation Winegrower
Kunde Family Estate

pawlitico said...

We dogs really like Kunde! Humans like Kunde wine, I figure, 'cuz they're always smilin' when they're drinkin'.

I'm going to go on one of Jeff Kunde's eco-dog hikes! The hikes are fur humans too. They help raise awareness of sustainable farming practices. Some of the fee helps suppawt Canine Companions & Sonoma Co Humane Society.

Marcia of Kunde is correct about the twitchhiker fellow being great. If he comes back, maybe I can stick my nose in front of the camera with 'im. ~ Jack Corgi

GoldenSamantha said...

Hi Tilin! That's great that Kunde is so dog-friendly - we'll have to remember that when I am feeling ruff and ready to go out! Thanks for all, all, all the great tips and links for me - and caring so much to comment on my bloggie! Fun day you had!
Hugs and xo Sammie

Vinogirl said...

Thanks for the great tip about Kunde being dog friendly. Vinomaker and I were just discussing taking the Vinodogs on a road trip and were thinking of going to Mutt Lynch as I know they are dog friendly too. I love their Zin/Carignane blend...originally only bought it because there was a dog (of sorts) on the label. It's nice stuff at a fair price.
Good post poochies!