March 25, 2009

Spotty Dotty dog rides a bike

by winecountrydog

Have you ever seen Dotty Dalmation riding a bicycle? His viddy is a huge hit!

I admire how easily Dotty mounts his cool yellow and green bike, places his paws correctly on the pedals, and sit-stays comfurtably on the saddle. He then deftly pawsitions his front paws on the handlebars and pedals off nonchalantly.

Here is Dotty pedaling around a city street in Japan. This is actual film footage, not a stunt.

Furriends, pawleeze do not try this at home unless you're wearing a safety helmet.

I always paw-point out the safety angle. You know I'm the kind of dog who wears a seatbelt harness fur car travel.

Paw-note: None of the dog helmets I know of have been tested by human safety engineers. Sometimes some type of protection is better than none, but not always. Poorly made protective gear can create a false sense of security or be the cause of injury.

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