March 13, 2009

Is wine going to the dogs?

by winecountrydog

Look at lovely Violet! She's a Pom/Chihuahua at the tender age of six months.

I meet Violet fur the first time.
"I met her on a Saturday and my heart stood still.
Da doo ron ron ron,
da doo ron ron.
Somebody told me that her name was Violet.
Da doo ron ron ron,
da doo ron ron."
You don't remember this song by The Crystals? Oh howl.

What a beautiful March day it was for seeking out dog-friendly wineries in the Russian River Valley. More than 120 wineries were on the map for the Wine Road barrel tasting event in the valleys of northwestern Sonoma wine country.

Battaglini Winery, with barrels set out for tasting
I warmed up my olfactory sensitivities in the midday sun at rustic Battaglini Estate Winery, a small family winery that makes Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah.

'Tis I here, below. And in the background is Jack "pawlitico" Corgi. The bottle of wine's not ours. Dogs don't drink wine. We socialize.

Me, Tilin, and Jack, hanging out.
Young Violet, very vigilant, alerted Andrea to the fact that her wine glass was empty.

Violet points the way toward the wine barrels.
Sometimes a canine wine tourist would like a chew. We're entitled.

Violet loves to chew on tasty sticks.
I get distracted by all the socializing. That's how I furgot to point out the old Zinfandel vines to Violet.

old Zinfandel vines
It'd be arfully nice if Violet were to come back and visit so we can talk about chewin' on things next year!

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