February 14, 2009

Love me with all of your heart

by winecountrydog

I've been listening to sentimental love songs. Is that so arful? . . . I guess it depends on your pawspective.

I turned up the volume while listening to the pets' version of "Love me with all of your heart" on Youtube. Dog-ma overheard and had to hunt down a kleenex.

"Knock it off now, will ya?" dog-ma said. "I get your point. You've got to love your friends while you have 'em, because life is short."

See, dog-ma understands. She just doesn't like to get soppy.

Howl, I think it's appawpriate to be all mushy on Valentine's Day.

So here's a wee Valentine message. This is a classic Letterman show clip. It's of Odie, the late great talkin' Pittsburgh Pug!

Odie was a lucky dog with a family who loved him so very much. You can tell this when you read what Odie's human wrote on Odie's Dogster page a year after he passed away.

"Odiekins. You are missed every single day. I miss your sweet little face, your puggy kissses and especially your I Love You's. Until we meet again at The Bridge, my friend, you are forever in my heart."
All those dear ones who've traveled with us in this life are furever in our hearts.

Paw-note: Don't listen to dog-ma laughing at my sentimentality. I've not gone all soppy! Really.