February 20, 2009

Aussie Meerkat pups take a peek at public

by winecountrydog

Little Zanzibar and Nairobi Meerkat were born near the end of January at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Seein' their darling faces in photos made me realize that, oh howl, I haven't seen any happy pics from Australia since before the Victoria bushfires.

So I'm smiling a big smile at these two arfully cute Meerkat pups who took their first peek at the human zoo public on February 20th.

Zanzibar and Nairobi Meerkat at 28 days old
Australian newspapers say that Zanzibar and Nairobi are the pride of the Taronga Zoo's nine-member Meerkat family. Meerkats are very intelligent and social little mammals, native to the Kalahari Desert and South Africa.

Taronga zookeeper Ms. Bobby-Jo Vial says she's "extremely thrilled" and feels very lucky to be the "Mamma Meerkat."

My best wishes to you, baby Meerkats!

Taronga's Meerkat precious pups!
I really like that there's a Taronga Conservation Society and Wildlife Hospitals at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos. The hospitals rehabilitate and release as many native Aussie animals as they can. Each year they care for about 1,500 native animals! These animals are brought to the hospitals by members of the community after being found sick, injured, or orphaned.

I wouldn't be surprised that Taronga's gotten a few rescued animals from Victoria to care for.

My paw-prayers go out to all the many Victoria animals who survived the bushfires and are trying to recover from injuries and burns.

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Amanda said...

I saw a newsclip about those babies. They are adorable and very alert!