February 12, 2009

Koala Sam has a lot of furriends who need help

by winecountrydog

You've seen photos of Koala Sam in Victoria, Australia. Now you've got to see the video of her rescue by CFA firefighter David Tree.

According to Koala Sam's website, firefighter Tree was at Mirboo North when he saw the stricken koala:

"I could see she had sore feet and was in trouble, so I pulled over the fire truck. She just plonked herself down, as if to say ‘I’m beat’. . . . I offered her a drink and she drank three bottles."

"The most amazing part was when she grabbed my hand," Tree said. "I will never forget that."

Koala Sam is being taken care of by Wildlife Rescue and Protection (WRAP) in Woorarra West, Victoria.

Another rescue organization caring for Vic wildlife is Wildlife Victoria. Other koalas have been rescued, as well as ringtail possums, wallabies, and eastern grey kangaroos.

Some Vic furriends who've been rescued, like Garfield here, won't want to be holding paws with anybody fur quite some time. Garfield, from Steels Creek, had severe burns covering his legs and feet. He was taken to Victoria Animal Aid at Coldstream.

Garfield the Vic cat gets a cooling bath for his burns
Animal Aid, which is overflowing with pets needing attention, took nice care of Garfield. The staff said that Garfield is "such a sweetheart and purred madly the whole time." (Purrsonally, I think that some cats purr when they're scared.

Paw-leeze, if you can, make a donation to these organizations to help them help all the domestic, farm, and wild animals who were burned and injured in the Victoria bushfires.

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