February 22, 2009

Dog's eye view of wild mustard

by winecountrydog

Nice mellow day yesterday. A good day for walkies in the Russian River Valley.

old apples trees in field of blooming wild mustard
Jack Corgi and I did lots of sniffin'. Many pre-spring plants in the fields.

yellow blossoms of wild mustard
Bright yellow blossoms of wild mustard everywhere.

pretty field full of mustard
We find the apple orchards and mustard fields so arfully pretty.

old apple orchard with mustard blooming in the rows
Wild mustard — Synapis arvensis — is one of Sonoma County's most familiar signs that spring is around the corner.

how beautiful the blooming wild mustard on a late winter's day in West County!
After we enjoyed an afternoon snack at a farmers' market, we watched some birds out at the Laguna. Then we had a calming ride home.

Paw-note: Thanks to dog-ma for dooin' pics fur us.

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