September 25, 2008

'Uncaged' YouTube hit comedy fur 'Yes on Prop 2'

by pawlitico

It's hard to keep a sense of humor during a pawlitical campaign.

But yesterday somebuddy called us "libturds," and we're still giggling. You see, we're supporters of California Proposition 2 — the ballot initiative for Standards for Confining Farm Animals. The libturd name-caller mistakenly assumed that all humane-farming supporters are liberals. Oops! Not true.

But now we like to refer to each other as "libturd dogs"!

We got an even bigger laugh from viewing the howlingly funny YouTube called "Uncaged."

This comedy vlog was made for the 'YES! on Prop 2' campaign by Free Range Studios, whose vision is this.

We envision a world where transformative social messages rise to the top of the media marketplace. In this world, organizations and inspired individuals who seek to create lasting positive change and expose essential truths will massively influence culture. We believe this vision will lead, inevitably, to a more sustainable, just and tolerant society.
PAWS UP fur Free Range Studios!

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