September 12, 2008

eBaying wolves

by pawlitico

What an interesting eBay sale by glitteralex:

2 Gorgeous Wolf Pelts Fur White Arctic Black Phase Huge
Extra Bonus FREE Coyote Pelt Long and Soft NO RESERVE!

This auction is for three LIVE pelts! That's right, ON THE ANIMAL! You are bidding to come and pet my animals, right here in Lake Tahoe. Their fur is sumptuous, plus "the boys" enjoy the attention. Way more fun than petting a dead wolf or coyote. We can even brush them and give you some fur to take home - it's great for felting or spinning into yarn. Our animals are gentle and well-trained.

Plus, I'll throw in a nice bottle(s) of wine, a homemade Italian dinner, some 8" telescope viewing, and a nice hike/mountain bike to some local lakes. Also available are basic rock climbing lessons. The package is transferable and has no expiration. All proceeds go to our cohorts at Never Cry Wolf Rescue in Sacramento, CA.

Thank you for bidding to save the wolves....

Such a great idea fur a wolf rescue benefit!

We recommend taking a few moments out of your day to watch this beautiful "Dance of Wolves."

Piccolo Vegeta, a young woman from Finland who loves animals, uploaded this video. It features "The Mummers' Dance" — a song by Loreena McKennitt. Thanks, Piccolo!

Pawnotes: You'd surely enjoy reading about Loreena McKennitt at her site Quinlan Road. Ms. McKennitt reminds us to "Be compassionate and never forget how to love."

Our thanks to Northern California Sled Dog Rescue fur pawmailing us about the eBay sale!

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