September 5, 2008

New goat buddies

by winecountrydog

We've got new goat buddies! They live with our friend Leslie in Rogue Valley, in southwestern Oregon. You remember I told you about the nice Oregonian human who knows herbs and gardening? Leslie also takes care of goats, who in turn take care of the interesting and delicious weeds in her field.

Here's little Sweetie.

Sweetie the Kiko kid
Sweetie is a Kiko goat, a New Zealand breed that was developed fur use as a "food animal." Kikos aren't dairy goats like the breeds at Redwood Hill Farm who make our favorite goat milk cheese and yogurt.

The three Kiko babies below are very special to Leslie. The one in front is Bosco. His nanny goat mom rejected him when he was born. Leslie had to figure out how to nurse him with formula in a bottle to keep him going. Then along came two more fur her to save.

Kiko kids Bosco, Sister, and Little Guy
The other two kids above are Sister and Little Guy. All three like each other and play together.

Below you see adult goats in the field, encircling two of the kids. Their trailer door makes a nice shady spot.

happy Kiko campers
I'm told baby goats like horsing around. As a dog, I'm not sure exactly what this means. But I see that the kids like playing King of the Mountain on their trailer wheel well.

Kiko kid version of King of the Mountain
The goats have a nice garden patch. Undiscovered by them, thank dogness. You can figure that Leslie wouldn't want to have to make the garden all over again if it got eaten.

one of Leslie's lovely Rogue Valley gardens
Leslie told us that the Kiko kids had been coming in her house. They were gonna eat it and everything else too! Apparently, goats have appetites less discriminating than we dogs.

You can learn a lot about Kiko goats at the educational American Kiko Goat Association website.

Photo credit: Leslie Pedrick

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Annabelle said...

What cuties those goat buddies are!I have heard goats are indeed less than fussy about their diets, although one of my dogs Scully would have to run a close second in terms of being a "GG" (garbage guts)!!