September 8, 2008

Pets in hurricane shelters

by winecountrydog

The scale of the pet evacuation and shelter efforts in the NOLA area before Hurricane Gustav dog-boggled my mind.

Pet carriers setting on top of wire pet crates at Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter

Lots of pets ended up in the state fairground shelter in the Shreveport area, about 340 miles northwest of New Orleans. (This is on Interstate 20, 150 miles east of Dallas – Fort Worth area in Texas.)

kitty at Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter

A local Shreveport human named Darrell Rebouche photographed the shelter pets on September 1st and uploaded the photos to

puppy at Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter

See all of Daddy D's great pet photos in the set "Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter" at darebouche.

Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter at fairgrounds in Shreveport

I'm glad that some of the kitties could sleep through the shelter noise and commotion.

kitty sleeping in pet crate at Hurricane Gustav Pet Shelter

Can you imagine the HSUS, the ASPCA, the LA SPCA, and all the other pet-helpin' organizations and individuals having to do all that movin' and shelterin' again!?

HSUS Animal Disaster Services truck on LA state fairgrounds outside of the temporary pet shelter building

Hurricane Ike is expected to strengthen to Category 3 when it reaches the U.S. Gulf coast the end of this week. It could make landfall around east Texas, but it might hit Louisiana west of New Orleans, not far from where Gustav hit.

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