December 22, 2008

Double your pleasure: a coat that's a harness!

by winecountrydog

Some goshdog good things come in two's.

It was a twosies kind of day, this nippy number-two day of winter, when the two of us, Jack Corgi and I, went out to do walkies.

Toward us pranced two irrepressible Italian Greyhounds. Five-year-old siblings. Two arfully nice furriends to encounter. Beautiful, happy dogs. And what were the duo wearin' to keep the cold at bay but fashionable yet sturdy "horse-blanket" coats. Same style, different colors. Very attractive. Very warm.

Beyond good looks is something more important, howlever: These coats double as walking harnesses! Double your pleasure. Woof!

Jack and I always walk on harness. We've never experienced the sensation of being tugged about by our necks. We wear collars to attach ID tags to 'em, not leashes.

Canine Styles reflective horse-blanket coat
I've dog-googled the brand name of the coat (pictured above) so I could tell you about them. Here you go.
The Canine Styles Horse-Blanket Reflective Coat is the ultimate cold weather protection. Available in water and snow-proof nylon, Madison Plaid wax cloth, or cozy Canine Styles signature cotton plaid — all with warm faux-shearling lining. Fully adjustable straps that criss-cross around the body (forming an "X" underneath) and adjustable fastener-and-buckle neck openings let you customize the fit. The leash can attach to a sewn-in D-ring, thus letting the coat act as a safe and comfortable harness. Machine washable.
Now, there's one possible drawback — and that's a pun, as you'll see in a second. If you're a big, strong dog who pulls back a lot on your leash, you shouldn't really depend on the coat as a harness.

detail of horse-blanket coat, showing D-ring
Can you picture the consequences of straining too hard? You'd pull yourself right out of the coat, or pop it open like Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego. In Banner's case, I can't say that good things come in two's. The Hulk's a bit scary.

two sweet Italian Greyhounds
Paw-note: There are beautiful Italian Greyhounds at IGCA Rescue and CIG Rescue who need furever homes. Paw-leeze take two!

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Vinogirl said...

Great coats, unfortunately they would not work for V1 and V2...oh dear!