December 13, 2008

Corgi Winner in Dogster Coolest Dog & Cat Show

by pawlitico

Tilin Corgi and I want you to know that we love all dog breeds. This having been said, we admit that we find certain Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis arfully cute.

Take Lola the Pembroke, fur example. She has the 2008 winning "sleeper" photo in the Dogster & Catster 4th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show.

Lola CGC is a World's Coolest Winner! at!

Photos don't get any cuter than this one of Lola asleep in her dog bowl. I guess Lola gets tired from doin' a lot of exercise with her human.

A lot of dogs don't get as much exercise as Lola. But they still eat an arful lot of food — pawbably lots of commercial kibble and other stuff that makes 'em obese.

I've grown up to be a dog who speaks my mind. I mean, when I have somethin' to howl about, I find it hard to hold back. So I'm gonna growl now:

Wassup with all the obese dogs!? I've seen so many of them lately: overweight dogs gobblin' down junky treats at howliday parties, super-obese dogs who can't jump up onto Santa's lap to get their photos taken, and so many obese Corgis and Basset Hounds — two breeds who are prone to back problems and injuries. We should never ever be allowed to carry extra weight.

C'mon, humans, do you love us dogs, or what!? If you love dogs, pawleeze quit overfeeding 'em!

Tilin Corgi and I stay slim. We learned to paw attention to proper weight 'cuz Tilin was prone to back problems. You know that Tilin's being trim and strong saved his life! . . . Need I howl more?

Paw-note: See all the super-cute photos of Lola CGC, including her runnin' around agilely, on her page. I hope I wasn't too howly and growly about the subject of overweight dogs. . . .

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Vinogirl said...

That photo has got to be just about one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!!!