December 15, 2008

The Cat House on the Kings

by winecountrydog

We were given an impawtant vlog link by our furriend Daisy, a beautiful black and white fur person who lives in Sacramento.

This is a vlog about The Cat House on the Kings, a no-cage, no-kill lifetime sanctuary and adoption center in Parlier, California. This unusual 12-acre cat house, founded by an exceptional cat lover named Lynea Lattanzio, is located in the central part of the state, on the Kings River.

All the happy cats are roaming free and hangin' out at one of the 10 or so feeding and bedding facilities on the property.

If this isn't one of the most amazing things you've ever seen, I'll refund your money in full. . . . Just kiddin'. You know I paw-write for the kicks, not the pawket change.

I heard Ms. Lattanzio tell youtube viewers, "I've always felt that, if they don't have a home, at least they have a life." I thought to myself that I don't know many cats who have a better home or a better life than those at The Cat House!

The Cat House rescues cats from local animal shelters where they would otherwise be euthanized, and from individuals and rescue groups who surrender unadoptable or otherwise unwanted cats.

An average of 700 adult cats reside at the sanctuary at any given time. Dogs live there in harmony with the cats. The number of kittens varies according to the season. Of course, all of the cats are welcome in the 4,200 square-foot house.

And where do 700 cats sleep? . . . Anywhere they want!

If you're drivin' up Highway 99 out of Los Angeles, go ahead, call The Cat House on the Kings (559-638-8696) and make an appointment to swing by and say hi.

Paw-note: You can see other Jack Perez youtubes if you look up the whospuss channel.

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