June 26, 2008

Long liver

by winecountrydog

To begin at a happy beginning, I've picked a special birthday: HBD, dog-ma!

My buddies — Jack Welsh Corgi (aka pawlitico) and Ani Siamese — and I had plans to surprise dog-ma with a cake. Last night, we waited till after dog-ma had gone to bed. Ani, an artist, insisted we do a Neo-Synthesist interpretation of a cake. She had it in her head to use raw liver to symbolize longevity as a wish for dog-ma, and to call the cake piece "Long Liver." Ani's a deep thinker, but we thought we knew where she was coming from.

What we didn't know was where the raw liver was coming from — not till Ani dragged out long pieces of liver she'd saved from dinner. One by one, she dragged them out of her bowl and carried them across the kitchen as if she were doing a performance. There were little red splotches everywhere she pawsed with the dripping pieces.

Ani's animated performance had an unintended effect upon Jack.

Jack began following Ani back and forth to try to snag some liver. He woofed at her like he always does when he wants to play. I had to muzzle him with my mouth. I reminded him that we didn't want to wake dog-ma. I really thought I had things under control. I didn't realize that none of us can resist raw liver for long. Before I could say woof, we were all pulling at the pieces, which became longer and longer. . . .

So we had to celebrate sans cake. We made do by holding the BD candles in our front paws. And we gave dog-ma a nice bottle of Freestone Fogdog.

corgis Tilin and Jack

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