February 14, 2010

A love story

by winecountrydog Tilin

We had a lovely afternoon picnic on Valentine's Day.

We were out in Laguna de Santa Rosa, in the Russian River Valley. The Laguna is full of water and happy birds after the winter rains.

We wanted to count all the birds we saw 'cuz the Great Backyard Bird Count was going on from February 12 to 15. So many birds take sanctuary here. I pawsonally cannot count that high.

I sat next to my bovine furriends' big pasture, up on the hill away from the water. My furriends were far away, grazing in a distant field. I knew that they'd come over after a while.

Suddenly I felt intense stares at my back. My furriends had walked over to the fence so quietly that I hadn't heard them.

I was so excited. I ran right over to them. I love my big furriends!

We doo nosetaps with each other. It's arfully fun. And usually one or more of my big furriends licks my head.

My paws started sinking in the watery mud and my head was getting wet from the licking. I had to return to our picnic pawlace and dry off.

What a beautiful warm day for visiting furriends we love.

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InCirclePets said...

Hi Tilin and Jack,

I love your stories! I would love to interview you for our site www.incirclepets.com.

I would love to learn more about how good life is for two beautiful Corgis living on a gorgeous vineyard!