January 6, 2010

"Missing" San Francisco sea lions interviewed in Oregon

by winecountrydog

By early December 2009, the world-renowned barkers of San Francisco's Pier 39 had disappeared.

Back in October 2009, humans at The Marine Mammal Center in nearby Sausalito had noticed that S.F. sea lion numbers were dwindling. Before long, almost everybuddy in the 1,700-member sea lion colony had gone missing.

It's not true that the sea lions left 'cuz of a dog named Rez who frightened them during an encounter at Hyde Street Pier in Fisherman's Wharf.

By the way, dog furriends, we hope you know that chasing sea lions is not in keeping with the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

The sea lions' sudden depawture must've taken a bite out of tourism along San Francisco's docks. Pawsonally, though, we love howl these flippy furriends baffled humans with their disappearance.

Finally, weeks after the disappearance, humans on the southern Oregon coast repawt that they're hosting many of S.F.'s finest.

Sea lion interviews are being conducted.

Mystery solved! You've heard the answer right from a San Francisco sea lion's mouth: "We're not missing. We're just on vacation."

Apparently they're finding good grub in Oregon's colder waters.

Paw-note: If you talk with any S.F. sea lions, the humans at @TravelCoosBay on twitter would love to get a tweet from you about it.

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