January 17, 2009

The litter box rebellion

by winecountrydog

It's a delicate subject, this, especially if you're a cat.

I knew that my buddy Ani Siamese had been avoiding doing her duty in the appointed large rectangle with walls that cats call a litter box. I knew it when I saw Ani veer off her usual course and disappear around the corner.

I confronted Ani in my corgi way. "Pawdon me, dear one," said I. "Is there something the matter? Aren't you supposed to be headed toward the rectangle?"

Ani darted off without answering.

Later, I caught up with her in the kitchen. I looked up and, as pawlitely as pawsible, woofed the question: "Are you waging a rather strong rebellion, my dear?"

Ani Siamese staring blankly at me
Ani continued to look at me with barely open eyes.

She finally summoned her cat wits and replied, "Never, ever, quoth the Siamese!"

Then she yawned.

Ani Siamese yawning about the whole thing
I decided to look elsewhere fur answers. Fortunately fur all of us, a mewsletter arrived from one of our favorite veterinarians, Dr. Jona Jordan. It contained an article on kitty litter issues!

The solutions were actually easy. We figured out that dog-ma had to change the kind of litter stuff she poured into Ani's special box. We also reassured Ani that Jack Corgi and I wouldn't mess with her box.

We came to see that her rebellion made purrfect sense. She's a Siamese, if you paw-leeze.

Paw-note: Remember to talk to your veterinarian about a pawsible health problem if your dear pussin doesn't return to the litter box after changing litter brands and other things, like the placement of box.

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Genevieve said...

I have always admired Siamese cats. Miss Ani in your photos is a beauty. She deserves your respect and deference, so it's good that you speak to her pawlitely.